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PT-60 SDH Serial Equipment

  • PT-60 1001 GE SDH Equipment
  • PT-60 1001 GE SDH Equipment
  • PT-60 1001 GE SDH Equipment
PT-60 1001 GE SDH EquipmentPT-60 1001 GE SDH EquipmentPT-60 1001 GE SDH Equipment

PT-60 1001 GE SDH Equipment

  • Product description: PT-60 1001 SDH is 1U high 19 inch.It can be configured as a standard 155M or 622M, easy to upgrade, flexible networking. Provides multi-type tributary interfaces with excellent cost performance.
Brief Introduction

PT-60 1001 is Intelligence gathering type bridge base on the large capacity Ethernet line access requirements, It can achieve 63groups E1 to Ethernet converge. It’s newly-developed optical fiber transmission equipment by Photel company based on SDH technology. It can design as a STM-1/STM-4 level optical terminal with two 155Mb/s or 622Mbit/s optical interfaces to provide an ultra-compact, cost-effective and flexible multi-service platform. PT-60 1001 can be used not only as a­ add-drop multiplexer (ADM), but also as a termination multiplexer(TM).
The equipment is standard 19 inch 1U height.


* 1U-height compact-size design.

* Provides 256×256 VC12 level 、12×12 VC4 level non-blocking cross connection, supports flexible add/drop business, bi-directional and broadcasting capacity.

* Provides sub-network connection protection, 1+1 redundancy protection, etc.

* Provides variety of network configurations: point-to-point, link and multi-ring.

* Provides E1, 10M/100/1000M business interfaces.

* Provides up to 16 E1 interfaces; 4×10/100/1000 BASE-T Ethernet interfaces; 2 STM-1 optical interfaces or 2 STM-4 optical interfaces, up to 16 channels FXO/FXS/4WEM. .

* Allows configuring STM-1 system to/from STM-4 system only by replacing interface modules; simply upgrading.

* Provides order wire interface (2-wire interface), with the functions of group calling and selected calling.

* Provides timing synchronization interface. Provides STM-1 and STM-4 line-rate timing source. Supports the SSM function.

* Provides DCC channel of D1 to D3;Using TCP/IP communication protocol.

* Provides F (Ethernet), f (RS232) network management interfaces for configuration, alarm, performance, maintenance and security functions of ITU-T definition.

* Provides equipment software download, with the ability of software remote upgrade.

* Supports online upgrade function.

* Provides access to remote modem network management, supports remote monitoring.

* Supports Super Long-distance (≤80Km), Long-distance(≤50Km), Short distance (≤30Km)fiber transmission.

* Provides fans to disperse heat forcibly, or allows natural heat dispersion without using fans as well; provides the fans controlling temperature and inspecting their own status to guarantee the equipment running stably.

* Flexible structure designing: allows the front access or the rear access by the method of mounting shelves.

Technical Specification

* Ethernet interface
Comply with IEEE 802.3 relative standards.
Reference GB YD/T 1061-2000。
Ensure the point to point transparent transmission of Ethernet business, including ---transparent transmission of Ethernet MAC frame and VLAN tag.

* E1 interface
Bit rate(Kb/s):2048
Bit rate error tolerance: ±50ppm
Code type:HDB3

* Order wire telephone
Signaling mode: dual tone multi frequency mode (DTMF)
Signal tone

* Frequency: 450Hz

* Dial tone: Long legato

* Ring back tone: 1second on, 4 seconds off

* Busy tone: 0.4 second interruption
Ringing mode: Buzzer sounds
Ringing tone: Same with the ring back tone

* Power supply
Input voltage: Standard value -48VDC and 220VAC
Voltage range: -36VDC ~ -72VDC, 176VAC ~ 264VAC
Power consumption: ≤50w

* Working environment
Working temperature: -10°C ~ +50°C
Working humidity: ≤90% (no condensation)



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